Junior Programs

Junior programs at the Happy City Golf & Resort are designed to prepare young golfers for success in junior golf, collegiate golf and beyond. The program supports all students in their pursuit of their goals in a hard working but fun environment where staff and students challenge, encourage and respect each other. 

The golf program takes our students through a progression of stages based on their skill and ability level. We teach solid fundamentals beginning with the set-up to impact and beyond, including all facets of the short game, specialty shots and adapting to conditions and situations. 

All students receive a complete understanding of proper fundamentals and their unique tendencies so they can ultimately be their own coach. 

For our elite programs students attending Chiang Rai International School in the morning can attend training programs after school, on weekends and on holiday breaks. Each student enrolled in one of our training programs will have a personalized improvement plan that sets specific, measurable and time oriented goals. As students move through the year detailed notes and videos are taken of their progress and their scores and statistics are evaluated and analyzed for continued improvement. 

Our trained and certified coaches realize that golf is much more than just hitting the ball. The mental side of golf is crucial to being able to perform at the highest level. Our program focuses on eight key elements: mental, physical, nutrition, rest and active recovery, support, equipment and quality practice. 

Students throughout the year work on areas such as, tournament preparation, perception, emotional management, modes of thinking in practice versus on the course, visualization and post round analysis. 

Optional junior programs include:

*  Private Instruction
*  After School 
*  Weekend Instruction
*  Holiday's